Small Jottings

Something a Little Different…

So I wanted to see if I could do something a little different to usual for me. I am not in any way a creative person and this took me a while to get the state it’s in so please excuse it if it’s not brilliant. I’m trying to refine the art of writing since I will be doing a lot of it from September when I’m at university doing my English degree. So here goes nothing….

Eye Contact

There; just over there. I saw him as soon as I walked into the room. The house was so crowded, but he felt like the only person there. His mysterious green-blue eyes kept flickering between me and his feet. I was drawn to him. His eyes intrigued me, I wanted to know what was behind them. They looked so dark and angry. I turned away trying to control my urge to go over there and talk to him. Once I started having a little fun with my girlfriend I came to the party with I loosened up a bit. But there he was again, following me with those eyes. Those eyes I wanted to get to know. Then we both looked at each other, his lips curled upwards into a small smile. Was he embarrassed I’d caught him staring at me? Pushing that thought out of my head, I followed the overwhelming urge to walk towards him. It was those eyes that started everything for me, the lust, the urges and the love. Eye contact can do so much from so little…


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