The Importance of Reading

I realise that reading isn’t something everyone enjoys but it is important, it can help you in many different ways.

There are five main reasons you should read, the first one being entertainment. The TV isn’t always the answer unless you want the same sort of thing being repeated over and over again. A book is 10 times better than the TV, a book is different at every turn. No two books are the same like TV shows now a days. Also, unlike Made in Chelsea or Love Island, books actually improve your focus and concentration whilst submerging you into another world. This allows you to focus better on other tasks as your concentration improves with your reading. Furthermore, you could discover yourself, or recreate yourself in this other world you fall deep into when reading a book. This is something I personally love! You could be anything you wanted in this world- it’s like being a child all over again.

Secondly, you have pauses in books. You don’t get this in films or TV.  This allows you to live your life while still expanding the world of fiction in your mind. This also improves memory. You have to remember what you read or you’ll read the same bit over and over again. That is just a waste of time. If you read the same page so many times you’ll get bored and just stop reading all together. So find something you will enjoy reading, not something that just looks pretty or is popular at the minute. Books are personal to you, choose something that grabs you from the blurb, something that will mean something to you.

Reading really is the cure for all; books can reduce stress, muscle pain and depression. Reading for just 6 minutes a day can reduce your heart rate and muscle tension, perfect for after those long days at work, college or gym. The point of reading is to take yourself to another world, block out reality. This helps you relax and heal. Quiet time helps you reflect on the day and understand the events of the day. This also helps with your concentration and focus. Reading is such a big part of life and could help you with pain and stress going on in your life.

Helping your academic abilities is another advantage of reading. Imagine having a whole library of information in your head, you could have so many interesting conversations with so many different people. Having a bank of information in your head allows conversation to flow easier with people, this gives you a vital skill in life, communication. Engaging in the wider conversation allows you to develop as a person , you can develop your knowledge and conversation skills through other people. Plus intelligence is attractive to lot of men; so get yourself a book for on that beach or pool side, never know that life guard might take a fancy and you could get some “summer loving”.

Finally, you are only limited in this world by what you imagine. Reading books expands your knowledge and in turn your imagination. It’s almost like being a kid again, allow your mind to wander, build pictures in your brain, take yourself into a different world altogether.  You never know you might be surprised by what you imagine, you could be the next big author. Books help expand your knowledge and allow  you to see things from someone else’s perspective.

So take 5 minutes in your life, you’re due a break from reality.

Sprinkle some sparkle into your life

Spacing Sparkle xox


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